01 October 2013

"Salem's Lot" by Stephen King Review

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"I wanted a book which didn't make me feel sorry for the vampire (we all did it, while reading “Twilight”), but a real scary-put-gralic-on-your-neck-while-reading book. I was tempted to read  "Dracula" again, until I found “Salem’s Lot”. And when I put my hands on this book, I was ready to  read bite it!"
*Disclaimer: This book was purchased by me, so I am writing only my honest opinion about this story. Even though this is a very detailed review of the book, I am not telling you the story. I am talking about the writing style, characters development , etc. So read without fear, because I am not telling you more than you should know.

Short Review:
 “‘Salem’s Lot” was… creepy! (well it’s horror fiction, duh)
I have read horror books before, even some of Stephen King’s books, but nothing like this.
It is so well written, I felt like I was inside the story all the time. I felt so uncomfortable and most of the times I wanted to scream “Run you idiots, before the vampire could find you and kill you all”!

Below there’s a more detailed review of the book.:

Characters Development:
Stephen King is well known for his characters.
When I bought this book, I was sure that there was going to be a wide variety of characters and different personalities. 
I have read other books by King, and I surely admire the fact that he puts ordinary people in front of extraordinary situations.
 More than the story, what really intrigues the reader are the characters, and how they react in certain situations. 
But what’s more important, these characters should be like us, the readers. I don’t want to read a story about a shy girl, who after the zombie apocalypse, transforms into a hot zombie killer. Sure, it’s fun to read it, but it doesn’t feel real. Even though we’re talking about horror, we want to really feel the fear. How can we do it, if the book characters don’t feel it? And what really intrigued me about this book, it’s that I felt every single emotion the characters felt, it doesn’t matter if it was love or hate. I was very scared when I was reading the book. What I liked about the characters, it is the way they accepted the fact there was a vampire in town. 
Because of course they weren't like “Oh, there’s a vampire, let’s go kill him!!!” God, nobody does that unless you’re Van Helsing or Blade.
But us, mortal creatures, we accept that thing slowly. And King described it correctly. First they didn’t believe, but then slowly- slowly they started putting  facts together, and then finally they decided to unite and kill that vampire.
What I liked was also how they became a group, all together, it reminded me of the book “Dracula”.  And then, there were so many different characters: a depressed writer, an old crazy professor, a doctor, a little kid fascinated about monsters, a priest with alcohol problems, a girl attending university. Everyone was unique, and everyone had a special role there.
For characters development I give this book 5 stars!
Writing Style: 
I love Stephen King’s writing style. In this book, he tells many points of view, which is very interesting, because this way it’s easy to understand the characters.
What really made this book great, was the mystery. It’s not just a simple vampire book, you find yourself trying to solve the mystery. It’s  creepy, but in a good way. Even for the writing style I give Stephen King 5 stars.

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!

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