28 April 2014

Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon Starting Post

Hello my horror lovers,
This is just a quick post to inform you that I am participating to the Spring into Horror Read-a-thon. Seriously guys, I’m already sick of spring. I mean, I love this season, but hello… that doesn’t mean I won’t read horror during this time.
Everybody is changing their book preferences and they are reading “lighter” books. But hello, I am Dracula’s #1 fan! I won’t be reading “lighter” books. I am so excited for this read-a-thon, since we can horrify(is that even a word?) spring. Muahahaha (evil laugh)!
The books I will be reading:
The Shining by Stephen King
~I have received this book for Christmas, but couldn’t read it, since the “to-be-reviewed” book list was killing me!
Blood Games by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
~I had started this book, but was forced to leave it because of some health complications.
Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer
Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean
The Genealogist’s Guest by Ann Simpson

These are my first books. If I finish them, then there are more to come J I am really excited! Let’s do this! Woohoo! 
You better turn your lights on and never switch them off, check your windows and doors, keep your crosses, garlic and silver close, because… we’re about to jump into horror. Do not forget to tweet using #SpringHorrorRat hashtag.

Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Spring into Horror is just what the doctor ordered for me. The days are getting so...sun-filled. ;) The Shining is my favorite King novel, and I haven't read any Yarbro in ages. Happy reading!

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, the days are just too sun-filled for vampires like us :) I'm glad you like Yarbro. She is not as famous as Stephen King, but still awesome

  2. I don't understand the whole "changing what you read according to season" thing either. I read what I read, regardless of the season.

    Welcome to the read-a-thon! You have a great list of books. I read The Shining last year and really loved it. Of course, SK is my second favorite author, after Anne Rice. :) I've also been working on my collection of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books that I have yet to read. I think I have over half of her Saint-Germain series.

    Thanks for joining me for the read-a-thon. Hope you get lots of reading in this week.

    1. Thank You :) I don't understand why people assume that only during Halloween you can read horror ... like hello, I am already missing those cosy days, staying by the fireplace with a hot chocolate... do not keep me away from horror too!!!

  3. "The Shining" is one of the very few King books I was able to read (sadly, his graphic horror is too much for me...most of the time. My hubby owns a number of King novels, and I've tried some, but...I've gone back to Christopher Pike in a hurry LOL).
    My friend Kate from Midnight Girl Books participates in this readathon (P.S.: she's a Pike aficionado too!). Make sure to visit her - and I'll tell her to do the same with you! :)

    1. Oops...I came back with a feeling...and yes, I had written it wrong. I meant Midnight Book Girl!

    2. Haha, that's why I couldn't find her at first! It is true what you said about King though. I read "Salem's Lot" and O Mio Dio, I couldn't sleep at night -_-

  4. It's always so lovely to encounter fellow horror lovers! I really liked The Shining, but I recently read Doctor Sleep, which is the sequel, and it blew me away!!! King's just amazing! I can't wait to hear about the other books you're reading, the titles are all deliciously creepy!

    I'll be following you on Bloglovin and can't wait to see what future Christopher Pike books you read too! ;)

    1. Yay, I made a match! *bounces around the room*

    2. I bought Doctor Sleep when it came out, but I couldn't read it. Now after The Shining, I can :D Aww, in the real world I'm told I have a weird book preference and that I read only this genre (which isn't true, I don't read only horror, I also read gothic books, YA, historical books...) while in the virtual world I'm told these titles are deliciously creepy. From now on if someone question my books, I will say "They aren't scary, they are just deliciously creepy" this way it sounds fancier. And thanks Roberta, you really are a matchmaker! :)

    3. Quote:
      From now on if someone question my books, I will say "They aren't scary, they are just deliciously creepy"
      LOL - you always make me laugh!
      And thanks. You can pay me later, of course....


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