04 February 2015

Creature Feature Ep.3: The True Story of A Witch Part 2

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Truth be told, these two episodes, which involve witches, are quite difficult to write. See, I am not a big fan of witches. I was scared of them since I was little. 
Confession Time: I am a huge fan of “Blade” movies, especially the second one, and even though the vampires there are really creepy,  I don’t mind. Blade has been the first horror movie I have ever
watched (age 5). Still, even though I can handle Blade’s vampires, and even though I am 18 years old, I am extremely scared of Snow White’s Evil Queen. Yeah, I admit it, it is weird. Movies with witches intrigue me, but I am extremely scared of them. In contrary with vampires though. I am super scared of vampires, but I adore them.

Anyways, now let’s continue with our topic today.

Now, as I was saying, I have interviewed an Albanian old lady, and she has told me lots of stories, which are supposed to be true.
This story happens in a village of Albania, where a man, who worked as a night guard, was coming back home after his shift. Something in all Albanian legends is that a crossroad isn’t a good sign, especially when three women are standing there mixing some ingredients in a mysterious pot, in the middle of the night. Now, this sounds a bit like Macbeth from Shaekspeare. I thought that too, but the man didn’t become a king. The man saw the three women, and he instantly knew who they were. As I have mentioned in the first post, these witches are people, whom you know, and they don’t like it when you recognize them.
He did, but he was kinda stupid, since he told them:
“I know who you are.” And he told them their names.
They responded:
“If you tell anyone, we are going to eat your liver!” (This reminds me of the Korean kumiho, or the Japanese Kitsune, a nine tailed fox, who eats human liver)
Was he scared? No! Now, I am starting to think that he was quite stupid. He told everyone about what he saw. The next day he was found dead, in his house, his liver torn apart.

The moral of this story? Do not talk with three creepy women standing at the crosswords doing God-knows-what with herbs in a pot, and do not talk about them, if they warned you they are going to eat your liver.

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  1. Quote:
    " Blade has been the first horror movie I have ever watched (age 5)".
    I suppose this explains something...LOL.

    As usual, I loved your legend, just like I love your little monsters (...little?!? erm!). Also, I'm still proud I helped you name this feature! :D
    But...no artwork today? I know, I know - I'm so spoiled. *grins*


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