Take a sip of that hot chocolate,  wrap yourself in that cozy blanket, and be comfortable...
Because now you ain't going nowhere.
Welcome to A Writer's Dark Corner!
This blog is dedicated to horror/paranormal/fantasy/science-fiction literature. Let me explain what you can find here:

Once in a full moon, I write book reviews (especially horror) with an unique rating system. That means I write very very long reviews based on Writing Style, Characters Development & a lot of other stuff (Here's an example) 

I am very hospitable, and I enjoy company. The gate of my castle will always be open, to anyone who rings that old doorbell, regardless if they are aristocratic vampires, polite magicians, werewolves, or even enchanting fairies. And by that means, I'd love to participate in book tours. For more information please check my review policy.

I love legends and myths. I am from Balkan, so you can say that I was raised with vampires (no, just kidding!) Legends, tales and creepy bedtime stories have been a part of my life since I was little. Don't be surprised if I start rambling about them here.


The Team:

The Horrific Anila H.
Dracula’s number #1 fan. 
 I am not born an artist, neither a writer, but I am born a dreamer.
I spent most of the days daydreaming, reading, writing, and painting.
 I love my life and I am grateful for every single day. 
 I am completely in love with horror literature, folklore, mythology, and cappuccino.

The Funny Klejda A.
Whatsup! I'm Klejda, or the funny one (I accept both). In my life I have three main obsessions,
 which are: music, books, and strangely enough, coffee. I have the most varied taste in music, from metal to country, pop-punk to weird euro-pop (yes, it's as weird as it sounds), etc. I mostly read young adult, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure. Last but not least, the coffee thing, which is pretty self explainable.

The Romantic Arisa Z.
Bonjour! I am Arisa, or the romantic one.
 I have a thing for designing Victorian era dresses, reading romance, flowers, and painting.
 I love cappuccino with vanilla extract. I hate Mondays, and waking up early!


  1. Hi Arisa! You know what's funny, there's a singer in Italy who uses the name Arisa because it's made from the first letters of all her family members' names.
    Cappuccino, uh? It's good that you like it, or Anila might get into horrific mode and take revenge on you ;).

  2. We really needed some romance here...

  3. Oh God, I just got here and guess what!? I am already in love with the blog! Ah, I will so continue passing by and reading around! Take care and great job!



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