30 March 2015

Best Vampire Books

Hello bookworms
Happy Monday! Haha! I am so evil!
If you don’t know about my obsession with vampires, then I guess you are new here.

My greatest achievement is being Dracula’s #1 fan.
Anyways, here is my take on “ Best Vampire Books”. Please note that this is my opinion.

Manitou Blood by Graham Masterton
I love this book, because it features ancient Romanian legends about strigoi (vampires). I just love legends. We have an apocalyptic theme, vampire apocalypse to be more exact, unique vampires traveling through mirrors (as if mirrors alone weren’t enough creepy), a group of different people fighting the vampires (it gives me a Draculesk vibe… Yes, I invented that word right now), and BAM! Such an awesome book! Some scenes are incredibly scary, and bone chilling.

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith
I know what you are thinking.  This is like Twilight! But, it is not! I have read both “Twilight”, and “The Vampire Diaries”. Guess what? They are not the same. Do not be fooled by the TV show. (A lot of people love the TV show, but I haven’t watched it.)
In this book we have vampires surviving the daylight thanks to  a special stone, we have some really scary scenes, and the mystery basically eats you alive.

Blood Games by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
This novel was set in Nero’s Rome. It is a historical horror novel. What else do you want? You have “The Gladiator” and “Dracula” mashed together. Super scary, and super dramatic! This book was a present from my sister. She saw it in a book market, and the moment she read the words “horror”, “vampire”, “Rome”, she bought that book for me.

The Thirst Series by Christopher Pike
Where was I before these series? In what world was I living before discovering Pike? I always blame Roberta (from Offbeat YA) for presenting me to his books. Real talk though, I want to thank her now. Pike’s books are like the world’s wonders carved in words. Sita is not just a badass vampire girl. She is the badass vampire girl. She is the real deal!

'Salem’s  Lot  by Stephen King
It is Stephen King we are talking about! While reading this book, I swear, there were moments, where I closed it, and I looked around to make sure I was in my room, not in the creepy cellar. I recommend this to Dracula’s fans.

Dracula by Bram Stoker
Duh! My love for this book has gone so far, that before going to bed, I open “Dracula” in a random page, and I read it. This was what I used to do with the “Harry Potter” series. That’s how much I love these books.

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Quote:
    "Happy Monday! Haha! I am so evil"
    You indeed are! Or you just love oxymorons ;).

    "Pike’s books are like the world’s wonders carved in words"
    Wow, this is poetical. Admit it, you have a soft side...

    And thank you for the shout out. Every time I feel like my blog is for nothing, I must remember it was at least able to introduce Christopher Pike to a voracious horror reader!

    1. Your blog is for nothing? Uhm, excuse me, but you should take a look at my wallet, LOL. No, Roberta, your blog is brilliant, and unique!!!!

    2. *melts down on the floor*

      Sorry for the wallet LOL.


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