28 March 2015

I'm a Different Type of Apple by Kevin D. Elliott Sr. Review

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Title: I'm a Different Type of Apple
Author: Kevin D. Elliott Sr.
Description: “I’m a Different Type of Apple” is a biography written by Kevin D Elliott, who is the main character of this book. This is a true story about a boy who stops following his father’s tragic footprints and starts walking in his own direction. He faces with everybody’s judgments about his father’s bad menace. They would see him and call him “Little Ted”. Despite all the maltreatment from the others, he found the strength to move forward. Furthermore, with his “Superheroes’ help”, he turned himself into a better person, into a worthy citizen, completely different from the education his father gave to him.


While reading the book: This is a one of these books that you find easy to understand and really quick to read. I personally finished this book for exactly one hour and a half. This book will give you the opportunity to face with the main characters problem in a unique and original way. 

Main Character: In one hand Kevin Elliott has that kind of personality that you find easy to understand, but in the other hand you find it difficult to accept such major thoughts from a ten year old kid. I personally don’t like the way how the author describes the ability of a little boy , to make the comparison between GOOD and BAD. 

The extra element: I really like the way how the author describes the scenes of the book. It makes the reader be familiar with his story and his problems. By studying the way of his writing we can get close enough to his point of view about pretty much every situation. 

What I didn’t like: I think that the repetition of the same story over and over again, is kind of boring for the reader. Maybe the author wants to put a high note to that story, by rewriting it again and again, but I still would prefer it to be showed in a special and unforgettable way, so that the reader would be impressed by it. 

Recommended To: 
Readers who obviously love biography books and to the one who don’t like adventures, mysteries or exciting books.

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