31 March 2015

If Dracula was my Best Friend Part 2

Hello bookworms,
Yes, the horrific Anila H. is here with another weird post. For the first part click here. Now without further a do, let’s jump to today’s topic:

Anila decides to take a break from writing, and she goes to the kitchen to have some cappuccino.
Dracula: Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense!

Anila: Hey Dracula! What’s up with the shouting?
Dracula: Can you believe this? Such a shame, such a shame… no wonder people aren’t scared of me anymore.
Anila: What? What are you watching on TV?
Dracula: My biographic movie. I thought the facts would be accurate. I thought they would present my bone chilling image right, but that is just wrong. All I am doing there is eating people.
Anila: Well, you see, people like watching these stuff.
Dracula: But this is so boring! How come you humans like watching a movie, where all the scenes are about me eating all the time?
Anila: I don’t know!
Dracula: I have done wonderful stuff, I have read all the books of this world. I am a great philosopher. I should be feared for my knowledge, but I am recognized just because of my food preference. This is so disappointing! Your society sucks!
Anila: Well, duh! If it didn’t suck, I wouldn’t be best friends with a vampire for God’s sake!

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Poor Drak. (Can I call him Drak? On second thoughts, maybe not. He sounds a little impatient. Wouldn't want to stimulate his appetite).
    Great artwork :).

    1. Do not worry! You are my friend, you can call him whatever you want. He can't do anything about that. Since I am his BFF, basically the people I hate, he's going to hate them too. Those who are my friends, are his friends too.

    2. This is reassuring. So Drak it be! ;)


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