25 December 2013

Never change for someone & presenting to you my new feature for writers

There are moments in my life, when I just want to be curled up in a ball, closing my heart and mind from the world outside... And just lay there, all by myself.
During my life, I never ever actually followed the rules of art. Art is a part of me, not a talent of mine. Writing, painting and snapping pictures... This is what I do.
When I participate in art competitions, I never win. Ironic much, I know why I don't win. It's because I never create something to match the judges expectations, I like to surprise. But still nobody likes surprises, so I end up wasting my best creations for nothing. Even though I surely know what project will make me win, I still don't do it. The reason is because through my projects I always represent something, a message, a certain feeling, a part of me. Still that message is never taken seriously, always ignored, because it so true that it hurts. People like to live in lies, while my art represents the truth through fantasy.
So I say... Whatever!
I am always coming up with new ideas, new projects, and I don't want to waste them just because they aren't your usual stuff. So here I am... Presenting to you my own blog feature, something completely new even to me:
"The creature profile"
Every two weeks (or every week; not decided yet) I will choose a creature, for example vampire. In my free time I will search information about them and then I will create the vampire profile. But this profile will answer only one question "How would creatures be like, if they really existed?"
I will interview gravediggers and other interesting people. These posts will be great for writers, because it will provide information. Also if you are an artist, you can create something related to our creature, and I will include it in my post giving you credits of course.
I am so excited for this project! Follow me on twitter @anila_h for further notice.
So please, share this post and help me!

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