18 January 2014

Blood And Snow, Volume 1-4 by RaShelle Workman Review

"Lips red as rubies, hair dark as night. Drink your true love's blood, become the Vampire, Snow White."

Blood And Snow, Volume 1-4  by RaShelle Workman Review
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I had planned writing this review a long time ago. This is my first book in 2014, and I am more than pleased. So, let’s just start with the review…
 Snow White is an awkward & clumsy high school girl. She dresses like a tomboy, and has an evil stepmother. I really like her personality. I think Snow and I are quite the same (especially the clumsy part), that’s why it was easy for me to read this book. She has seven friends (seven, get it? Seven), whom she considers as brothers (well she isn’t considered as a sister in their eyes). Their father (they are adopted) is called the “Professor”.
One day Snow and her seven friends visit a professor’s friend to deliver something and the drama begins. Snow falls asleep there and wakes up in a dark room where a boy bites her. Then she comes back in reality, where professor and his friend Kemnei explain to her that now she is a vampire revenant.
When the Vampire Queen, an evil creature, wants a new body, she sends her hunters (male vampires) to bite certain girls, and if one of them survives, she possesses her body. Now Snow White has to control her thirst, but something doesn’t feel right, especially when we have a certain boy called “Charming”…
Ok, so the book was WOW! I absolutely love it. Snow White is my favorite tale, and I love vampires so you can say this book was breath-taking. I loved Snow White’s personality. It seemed like I was in the story, because Snow and I shared the same thoughts. Also her birthday was 17th November, just like mine. And everyone assumes I look like Snow White, so now that’s creepy… *dun…dun…dun* Am I a vampire revenant???
What I didn’t like  was her weakness near the Hunter (the one who bit her). If I was her, I would have killed him. But that’s probably, because my idol is Van Helsing. Back to the review, I don’t understand why she has to be so vulnerable. I know that the vampire intimidates her and he might have a lot of power, but seriously girl, you need to fight. Also I don’t like the fact that she isn’t sincere with the professor, because he only wants to help her.
Overall this book was amazing, really! It was written very well and the story just flows…. *flowing water sound*
My rating:

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