10 April 2014

Guestpost ~ KL Scott for "Accused"

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Today’s post is a bit special, since this time it won’t be me writing. Please welcome our talented writer K.L Scott. Thank you for coming here darling!

**March 14th, 2014, Punxsutawney, PA ** Have you ever met a five year old
runaway? Meet Ryan - a southern boy who never had a fair shot at life. By
the time he was eight, he had runaway and caught 54 times - needless to
say, he didn't care much for orphanages.
Being labeled a delinquent troublemaker, Ryan quickly became the fall guy
for any crime the local police department couldn't solve. Ryan's life changed
forever the night the police stormed his makeshift home on vagrant row and
arrested him for murder. Although he was a minor, he was bound over as an
adult. Worse, he had no alibi, was not granted bail, and was assigned an
attorney who had never won a case. The verdict? Life.
Incarcerated in a Southern prison camp he was rapidly stripped of all of his
dignity. As the years passed, he became spiritless, unsure of what disgrace
tomorrow would bring.
The Accused Trilogy tells Ryan's story.

About the author:
K.L. Scott holds her Ph.D. in clinical psychology as well as 17 post graduate
specialty certifications. It is this immersive background in psychology that
enables her bring forth deeply meaningful characters, dialogues, and plots.
"My novels are about everyday people facing the difficulties in life. Like all
adventures in life, my characters blend tragedy with comedy, love with
hatred, tormenting pain with lightness of heart. The inspiration comes from
my profession."
K.L. lives in Punxsutawney, PA and enjoys writing, painting, swimming,
collecting fine art, traveling, and theater. She has one son and is the proud
grandparent of five 4-legged grandchildren - three dogs and two kitties.

~The Guestpost~
Have you ever wondered why some people win the lottery while others struggle to make ends meet?
Why are some people rich beyond their needs while others seek simple shelter? Or why are some people so pretentious that they are in crisis over breaking a nail while others are lost souls not knowing where to turn. The Accused Trilogy is an intriguing story of the underserved sides of life; the struggle to simply find a meaning or reason to continue living. I am sure you know someone who is a good person but has been dealt the dirty hand of life’s events. I have spent fortythree years of my life as a clinical psychologist to help traumatized victims make sense of their lives. The regularity of repetitive traumatic events in a person’s life disheartens me. The demoralizing effects on a victim’s belief system inspired the story of Daniel. Abandoned as an infant, in and out of foster homes, and labeled incorrigible as a teen, the lovable street urchin found himself bound over as an adult for a crime he didn’t commit. As Daniel tells his story from his point of view, he admits to the reader that life has taught him cynicism and has embedded many negativisms in his humanity. He learned the power behind words like betrayal, worthlessness, and selfdoubt.
He readily admits feeling insignificant and insecure. Daniel learned to acquiesce to the demands of other to avoid punishment. As in most of our lives, we too have learn do to as we are told and not to challenge authority. But in doing so, many times we lose the value to our own life. To avoid stressful confrontation, we forfeit our own credibility. Thus we stop thinking for ourselves and make decisions on what we perceive others want to hear. Since life’s lessons are complex in so many ways, the Accused Trilogy was written to encourage and give hope to those who feel defeated. Perhaps our misfortunes in life aren’t as many or as severe as Daniel’s, but the emotional toll from our own issues can be just as caustic.
The Trilogy started as a single novel but as the character developed, he needed more exposure to life and an explanation as to why these horrific events were happening to him. He believed that he was a nice person, so why did he become the fall guy? Why was he always in the wrong place at the right time? Why him? Why not someone else? Oh, how many times have we asked ourselves that same question… “Why me?” Daniel experiences many temperaments and passions and, like good versus evil, he must battle his way to victory. If people in crisis would only realize that there is light at the end of their journey and that light will bring them peace, perhaps people would be more willing to battle the odds to find their freedom. In order to appreciate happiness, one must experience a form of sadness. Opposites enhance our appreciation for the desired emotion. Every life has its ups and downs as depicted in the story, but what controls those swings is the determination to own your choices, understand your truths, and take strength in willpower.
If we could believe in ourselves as a whole,
unbroken entity, and with goodness in our hearts, given time, we can shed the shroud of darkness and life will shine as bright as the moon on a starry night.

Well I hope you have an amazing weekend J

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