20 April 2014

New Book Addiction: Christopher Pike and his "Thirst" series

Hello Bookworms,
Ok, so it’s official, I have a new addiction, the “Thirst” series also known as “The Last Vampire”. Thanks to Roberta and her awesome blog , I found out there is an old vampire series written by a certain Christopher Pike. At first I was like “What? There are vampire books I haven’t read yet? Oh my God! I have to read them immediately!”
But, you see, finding old books isn’t that easy. While bookstores are full of vampire romance, I search for bloodthirsty monsters. Last time I went in Rome, I searched for the book, but I had no luck at all. And there is nothing I want more, than something I can’t have. I had lost hope, just when a lovely lady commented on my blog, saying that I should search for “Thirst” not “The Last Vampire”, since the book’s title had changed. Using internet I found the book! Yes! Finally!
I will post a review soon!
But first I want to talk about Christopher Pike. He is known as the Stephen King of YA ( and I love Stephen King)
I don’t read much Young Adult, I am all about horror! But Pike's books are special, while reading his words I can feel goose bumps. The most mysterious part is that no one knows much about this writer. He was like a ghost. There aren’t any interviews or anything. I just read “Thirst No.1”, but soon I will continue exploring all his books. I want to continue reading “The Last Vampire Series”, also I want to try “Remember Me” and “Whisper of Death”.
I know these books are old, but actually I feel quite happy I can read them. Isn’t it awesome, how I am reading these books and feeling the same emotions another teenager has felt in the 80- 90’s?
But now, I can’t stay here rambling about his books, I have to write a book analysis for school. I have to analyze the “romance” genre. Oh God!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hahaaa! I performed my evil duty! Now you're stuck with good old CP, too ;P.
    Actually, I think Pike kind of invented NA. These books feature a character who was turned at 20, and the gore (and, occasionally, sex - though not of the graphic kind) are quite mature for the YA genre. So are most of the themes and situations...the more you proceed with the series, the more you'll realize that. Of course, nowadays NA is quite different from that...but the character age is the same.
    Also, Pike was ahead of his time. He developed a kick-ass female vampire long before the genre got...err...re-vamped and exploited. His character is not the usual male vampire who allures women and turns them into other monsters, but a female one who fights in order to protect the world from her kind. And the mythology is fresh and amazing.
    I'm really happy to have turned you...into a Pike fan ;). And to get public credit for that! *insert huge smile here*
    BTW - lo and behold, mysterious Pike has a Facebook page:
    C. Pike on Facebook
    And don't miss the Note section, where he discusses some of his books!
    I look forward to discussing Thirst with you!

    Oops...analyze the romance genre...how unfortunate for you ;).

    Sorry for the deleted comment - mistake :(.

    1. Yeah, I really love the female vampire. I don't like the fact that there is always a man who is going to be the hero, or the villain! Thank you, thank you for introducing me to him. And please do not tell me about Facebook pages, or my book analysis will be all about Pike's writing style. Haha! I have to go now! Romance is waiting for me! For sure I have to read something horror tonight just to balance all those romantic pages! (Once I actually asked my English teacher if we could read "Dracula", but she said no) Oh,well...

    2. And it's ok. I deleted your first comment, so it won't appear "Author deleted this comment"!

    3. *pictures English teacher's face at the mention of Dracula*

    4. Haha, you should have seen the student's faces. All were like "Teacher No! Teacher, please no! Are you crazy?" and then I was like "Dracula is the best book ever written. We need to read more horror in this class. You guys don't know what literature is". But this happens all the time. Not to mention when our English teacher asks us to say an example of a sentence using "will" as a form of a threat (grammar lessons) and I am like
      "I will kill you."
      "I will skin you alive."
      "You will not be alive until tomorrow."
      Haha, I only do that to see their reactions! And their faces are priceless :)

    5. LOL. It's only the teacher's fault, you know. After all, she asked for a threat...not for a treat!


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