20 June 2014

A Writer's Dark Corner First Contributor

Hello Bookworms,
Due to my upcoming blog projects such as “Weird Legends” and most importantly “Creature Feature”, I’m having less time for reading and reviewing books. Of course I still read, but I want to focus more on hardcore horror, rather than lighter stories. I also want to offer the best reviews to you, but not only horror. Therefore, I thought it would be great to welcome on my blog a contributor, also one of my dearest friends, Klejda.
She is going to write here quite a lot, so I thought she needed some spotlight before she starts reviewing.
Here are a few questions answered by her, this way you will know my reviewer better.

1-      What genres do you usually accept for review?
I accept most genres for review, except for hardcore horror, which scares me half to death, or paranormal romance. I don’t mind paranormal books about witches, shapeshifters, etc, but I’m not a big fan of vampires, werewolves, and angels. So any book that doesn’t include those is fine. My favorite book genres are probably: young adult, middle grade, and maybe fantasy/sci-fi.

2-      Who is your favorite author?
I have a lot of favorite authors, so it’s quite hard to pick just one. If I had to pick just one, I would probably choose Colleen Hoover, whose books I just adore. Other favorites include: Abbi Glines, Cathy Hopkins, Sarra Manning, Kate Brian, etc.

3-      What is your favorite food? (Yes, this is very important)
Similar to the previous question, I have a hard time picking out a favorite. So I’m gonna have to say it’s either bruschetta, or potato salad. Potatoes generally are my favorite food, cause they can be made in so many ways.

4-      What is something you can’t live without?
This is the easiest question of all. I literally can’t live without my Ipod. I never go anywhere without it, and I treat it, as if it was my own child. Music is such an important part of my life, that whatever enables me to listen to it, is going to be pretty essential in my life. 

Tomorrow Klejda will publish her first review, so stay tuned.

And for my hardcore horror lovers, don’t worry, I’ll take care of those creepy reviews.

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Hi Klejda! It sounds like you and Anila integrate each other, with your different tastes in books (you don't like vampires! how can Anila even talk to you, it's beyond me. LOL!). Looking forward to your reviews :).
    BTW, Anila, I love your new signature :).

    1. Thank you Roberta! Even though she isn't a vampire lover, she still has something others call a weird book preference. Welcome to the club Klejda!

    2. Hey Roberta. Me and Anila have really different tastes in books, so that is a bit weird, but I think it will make this blog even more exciting.


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