27 June 2014

Summer Reads: Flober, Shekspeare, Woolf, Poe, King

Hello bookworms J
What have you been reading these hot days?
Currently I am busy with “Creature Feature”, and I am getting even more excited with this project. Now that I finished school, I have a lot of free time. I think “Creature Feature” is going to be terrific, but visiting old ruins and talking to strangers about old scary creatures, surely is something weird. Anyways it’s me, who we are talking about, so I don’t mind. Actually when I asked someone “What do you think ‘gogol’ (a certain creature) looks like?”, the response was “Like you!”. I was absolutely mad. I nearly killed that person. “How dare you compare me to that creature? I thought I made it obvious I prefer vampires.”

Anyways, I want to share with you my summer TBR list.  I have divided the books in groups.

Summer Reads Gr.1 “Books I want to read or re-read.”
These are books I bought recently, or I want to re-read them.

“12 Years A Slave” by Solomon Northup
 I haven’t watched the movie yet, and I don’t plan on watching it, because first I want to read the book. I bought this in the airport, so it was quite expensive. {Language: English}

“The Shining” by Stephen King
 This was one of my favorite books I had to read during “Spring into Horror Challenge” Since I read it too fast, I want to enjoy it again. Actually there’s no excuse, I just want to read it again. Got any problem with that, huh? {Language: English}

“Mjegulla e Tiranes” by Ismail Kadare
Dun, dun, dun… this is Romance. Yes, I started reading romance. Actually, this is the first book one of my favorite writers ever wrote (he usually writes about Albanian history and politics) This book talks about his romance story when he was young. Though I am reading this because first, there’s an interview of him in the book, second I want to know how his writing style was back then, and third I have almost all of his books, so I don’t want to miss anything {Language: Albanian (my native language)}

“L’ultimi Vampiri”  and “Il sangue di Manitou” are two horror books I bought in Italy for only 1 euro each. 
{Language: Italian}

Summer Reads Gr.2 “Books I have to read for school” Albanian Edition
Our literature teacher gave us a list of books we have to read during summer. I read most of these (though I may re-read them), for example “Macbeth” by Shakespeare (I mean hello, this is a book about a person who kills everyone)
“Madame Bovari” Flober
“Vargjet e lira” “Ne velat e qytetit te veriut” Migjeni (Famous Albanian poet and writer)
“The castle” “General of the dead army” Ismail Kadare
“Eugene Onegin” Alexander Pushkin
“Lulet e veres” Naim Frasheri (another Albanian writer)
“Hamlet”; “Macbeth”;  “King Lear” Shakespeare
{Language: Albanian}

Summer Reads Gr.3 “Books I have to read for school” English Edition
My English teacher HATES horror, that’s why I was a bit surprised she mentioned Poe’s Black Cat and Woolf’s Haunted House, but I know who made her put these books (evil laugh)
“The Chapel” Josef Essberger
“A Haunted House” Virginia Woolf
“The Black Cat” Edgar Allan Poe
“The Winepress” Jossef Essberger
“The Metro” Jossef Essberger
“Araby” James Joyce
{Language: English}

Summer Reads Gr.4 “Books for Review”
Summer Reads Gr.5 “Any Pike book I want to read”

So, this is it. I organized some “Reading Days” where I will be  reading all day.  I think all these books are great, and surely I will practice my foreign languages.
What about you?

What is your summer list?

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. I've read some of these (Hamlet, Madame Bovari, The Black Cat). I've also read some other things by Pushkin but not "Eugene Onegin." I have a pile of books of my own that I have to get for when the semester starts by I'm thinking of reading some ahead of time.

    1. Yes, I prefer reading books ahead of time too :) This way it's easier to write book reviews (usually we read these books for homework)


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