04 September 2014

"Manitou Blood" Book Review

*This book was purchased by me, while I was in Italy. I read the Italian Version, therefore I can't talk much about the structure of sentences and stuff like that.*
*I hope you like my new, improved review template. This is supposed to be easier to read.

Book Title: Manitou Blood (Il sangue di Manitou- Italian Version)
Author: Graham Masterton
In one of the hottest summers for decades, New York City is being swept by a strange and terrible epidemic. Doctors are helpless as victims fall prey to a bizarre blood disorder. They can no longer eat solid food, they become hypersensitive to sunlight ? and they have an irresistible need to drink human blood. As panic grips the city, and mobs of bloodthirsty people roam the streets, self-taught psychic Harry Erskine has to enter the shadowy realms between the living and the dead, and call on America's native spirits to help him in a struggle for human survival in which death is only the beginning . . .
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While reading the book:
Well, I managed to read this book for five days, while being on vacation (I was going out every morning and afternoon).  I would squeeze some reading hours in my agenda, while the others were taking a nap. I read this book in the hottest hours of the day, sweat forming in my forehead.
This book was the fourth of the series, but I can safely say that you don't need to read the other books. Actually it is much more mysterious, if you don't read the first books. Or maybe that's just me.

Legends and Creatures:
What I loved about this book was that there was a mix between cultures, more precisely  Native American culture and Romanian culture. All the stories and the legends were right, and well Mr. Masterton did his homework. There are some scenes that are frightening, and make your skin prickle from fear. I loved how the Romanian Vampire fits all the standards of Romanian Legends. Also this is so easy for people to know these vampires, since after Stoker's Dracula the Romanian Vampire has kind of become the International Vampire. While the legends from other Balkan countries are too bizarre for people to get used to.(unless you are like me)

Main Character:
Harry Erskine was my favorite character. He was funny, and sarcastic in the same time. He had pretty much the same reaction I would have if I was him.

Extra Element:
Also Dracula was mentioned in the book. I am not talking about the vampire, but the real Count Dracula. It was a bit weird reading a story where Dracula is human, even though I know the real story of the Count. And the most ironic thing is that he is killed by vampires. 

What I didn't like:
The POV changes from Harry to doctor Fred, but that wasn't what bothered me. The book starts being written in third person, and then it changes to first. Actually for me, that was just an annoying element, and it didn't really bothered me, because I was so worked up on solving the mystery.

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