03 October 2014

Feature and Follow #10

Hello Bookworms,
This feature was hosted by the amazing Parajunkee, and the lovely Alison Can Read.
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This week’s question is:
Book looks – Your favorite fashions from the books you’ve read

Well, I was mad about this fantasy series, when I was 13. It was called “La bambina della Sesta Luna”. I don’t think there’s an English version of these series, but I read the Albanian one. Nina de Nobili really had a fashion sense! It reminded you of the 60’s or something.

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  1. That's a totally new to me series! I like seeing characters dress retro on occasion. Although I can say I would probably never do it because I would likely look awkward in that type of fashion!

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  2. Just hoppin by! :-) Guy Vestal @ Counter Culture Critic #FF

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