23 April 2015

Starving Skeleton? Gashadokuro

Hello Bookworms
Welcome to another post of “In Search of Monsters”. Today we are going to talk about a giant skeleton called Gashadokuro. If you have seen the movie Hellboy: Sword of Storms, then you might remember the scene when a huge skeleton rises from the ground of the cemetery, and attacks Hellboy with his monsters. Well, that is Gashadokuro, kind of.
He doesn’t create monsters, or use them to attack people, but he does slice the neck off lone travelers at night. Gashadokuro means “starving skeleton”, and he is a Japanese creature. He is created by the bones of people, who died from starvation.
Is he not creepy yet?
Oh, I forgot to tell you that he also can be invisible. Good luck if you see him! Tell him I said hi, because I am not going to interview that huge skeleton. I don’t think my alien pet stands a chance against Gashadokuro, my best friend Dracula can’t drink his blood since he doesn’t have flesh, or blood, my childhood friend Blade might have some cool tools to kill vampires, but he is not a vampire. And most of all, Hellboy won’t respond my email, because he is angry at me for not interviewing him.

With  love 
Your journalist of the horror world. 


  1. How unfortunate that your friends are helpless (or unavailable) in this case. I was looking forward to that interview! ;)

    1. It's either the interview, or my life.


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