11 January 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge ~Day 11~

Dun dun dun
Welcome to day 11!
Sorry about the intro... I didn't know what I was thinking.
Our book blogger new year's challenge is ending soon, only three days left :(
Anyways for day 11 we have:
TBR shelf, how many? *dun dun dun*
Well, I used to have only 20 books. I was so calm, until I started reading Roberta's blog Offbeat YA. Apparently she loves Christopher Pike, whom I didn't knew who he was until now. One of his series is "The Last Vampire "and obviously I have to buy those books. I also googled him, found his other books, and now I want to buy them all! Yeah, thanks Roberta! Couldn't you keep those books to yourself? Now I am finding one million ways to buy them from Albania.
Thank God, I will go to Italy soon and probably I will find his books in Italian or something.
I really really really want to read The Last Vampire.
Now I don't have anymore 20 books to read, but 42...
Well, that's me!
Hope you have a wonderful time!


  1. Wow that seems totally manageable! Good luck on your TBR list.

  2. Love the dun, dun, dun, as it sounds so ominous! And just when you think you have things under control, you discover a new-to-you author and double your TBR pile! That's the danger of book blogging, but a good danger. :)

  3. The Last Vampire series is awesome. Just a warning though, the series is now known as Thirst. So, if you plan on buying new or on ebook, look for those four books. I think the orginal Last Vampire series had eight or more books. I can't remember, but I loved them too. The Remember Me Trilogy is my absolute favorite book by Christopher Pike. It's available as one book now, so easy on the wallet.

  4. (First off, I tried to post before, and my message disappeared. In case it's going to show up again later, I apologize. More or less, it went like this...)

    Haha, I didn't expect this and it was so funny. You made my day! I love you!
    Also, I specifically set up my blog hoping that I could spread the word about books someone else hadn't read yet, not with the intent of stroking my ego. So I'm really happy now! *bounces on her seat*
    Sadly, only a handful of Pike's books have been translated in Italian - and even then, often censored or shortened O_o. The ones I bought (in the original version), I found on a site called IBS, where you can order books both in Italian and in English. There are only a few of them, but better than nothing (Remember Me and The Last Vampire are among them). The site accepts cash on delivery, which is why I was able to buy them without a credit card. Or if you have one - and you don't mind books being second-hand - there's always Amazon. Good luck!


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