10 January 2014

Book Blogger New Year Challenge ~Day 10~

Hello World!!!
Welcome to day 10!
I hope you are all doing fine. Today's topic is:
New things I will be doing this year!
So, how should I say this? Well, I am known for having the craziest, most unique ideas ever, especially in projects and stuff . My only problem is that... I procrastinate. Oh, and I don't just procrastinate. Oh no, once I had to finish writing a chapter, and instead what did I do? I wrote an inspirational text about working hard and not procrastinating. I procrastinate by writing texts to help me not procrastinate. I'm weird like that.
Anyways these are my ideas to spice up my blog:
~ I want to create a logo for my blog. And not only this. I want to create a kind of a brand. This blog will not only be focused in books, but it will be about me also, my passions and thoughts.
~ My new feature " The Creature Profile" will be here soon. I will go around my country Albania ( Balkan) looking for legends.
~ Last but not least, even though it doesn't have to do with a book blog, but it is very important for me, I am going to talk about my experience as a cancer survivor. I want to help people realize how beautiful life is. I know it sounds cheesy, but you can't imagine how true this is.
Happy reading darlings!


  1. I'm a procrastinator too. I procrastinated writing this comment and had the tab open for hours while I ate, showered, read five chapters, and decided to check my email for the umpteenth time.

    In fact, I procrastinated so long that I forgot whatever brilliant yet relevant comment I wanted to make in response. I think it had something to do with procrastination. Eh, I'll figure it out later.

  2. Quote:
    "I procrastinate by writing texts to help me not procrastinate. I'm weird like that."
    LOL. But at least you're peculiar!
    All great goals and I will be happy to come here and read!
    Un abbraccio!


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