08 January 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge ~Day 8~

Hello World...
Guess who's back...
This is day 8 of my book bloggers new year challenge.... And this is very special, because today's question is:
"Your favorite book blogger moment"
I am pretty sure you all have passed wonderful moments. I just read Parajunkee's post, where she said that her favorite writer told her she read Parajunkee's view. For a moment I am imagining what would it be like if Stephen King said me those words. 
"Oh, you are A Writer's dark Corner, right? Girl, I like your blog." Haha, ok first of all, I am sure he doesn't sound like that, but anyways if this ever ever ever happened, I wouldn't be alive at the next moment.
Back at my boring reality (just kidding) , honestly my best book blogger moment may sound too cliche and overheard, or too much modest... But hey, this is me.
Ok, so when someone followed me from the first time, I was over the moon. I know it's not a big thing really, because you might have 300 followers, while I have only 14. Honestly that was such a happy moment for me. The fact that someone cares about your ramblings, and reads them ...
What can a writer ask more than that?
Well, I hope you have a really good day or night, wherever you are. Don't forget to comment below and give me some book blog links ok? I am in a good mood. Today was my first day of school this year, and I got two A-s, one in Literature (we were reviewing a book by the way) 


  1. It's awesome to feel like your thoughts and ideas finally have an audience, even an audience of 1. :) Love your moment. I'm sure you'll have many more like it or even better ones.

    Best Blogger Moment

  2. Here's to many more followers (proud to be one of them BTW!) and awesome moments! Maybe we will never be able to meet our favorite authors, but I'm sure blogging will reward us somehow :).
    Oh, and no links (how selfless I am! Well, not exactly, but I didn't participate in the BB Challenge this time around. I will tomorrow though!).

  3. You are a Stephen King fan! Yay...another blogger that loves horror. Okay, well I'm not a huge Stephen King fan...but I admire his writing skill.

    It would be awesome to meet him in the flesh. I'm hoping he comes to my city someday. If only I lived in Maine.


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