21 July 2014

Creature Feature Ep.1 Albanian Edition

Hello bookworms,
I am currently in Italy, enjoying some hot cappuccino even though it's summer. I spent an awful day today,from waking up at 2AM (after staying up the whole night reading "12 Years a Slave") , to traveling for 2 hours, to feeling nauseous while the plane was landing, to again traveling for 2 hours with a bus (falling asleep, and waking up scared) , to finally arrive at my destination only to find out that's raining pretty hard, and I don't have an umbrella...so...
But, anyways, I am ok now. I am currently writing on my IPad, and that's a bit annoying, but I don't have my laptop with me, so I have to bear with it.
Today "A Writer's Dark Corner" presents "Creature Feature" (credit to Roberta for the name), the first feature ever created to help writers find out about the most interesting, creepy, and unique creatures you never knew existed.
Anila interviews people for these creatures. Please support us in finding these unique creatures, by commenting, sharing, subscribing, and spreading love for horror.
I hope you enjoy it!
Not long ago, I interviewed an Albanian old lady about unique, creepy legends.This is "Creature Feature Ep.1 Albanian Edition" 
Pelhura is an Albanian creature, who is supposed to appear strolling around meadows. Usually shepherds are warned, when they go with their sheep in the meadows. If you see a "Pelhura" you need to hide between the sheep. This creature cannot pass the sheep, because the latest are supposed to be God's animals. While the goat is supposed to be devil's creature. "Pelhure" in Albanian means "fabric" or "cloth". The creature looks like a ghost, because it is covered in a white cloth, but it's huge, and it feeds on humans.

Lugat is the Albanian vampire, or the dead (usually vampires are called the undead, but in Albanian they are called the dead)
How is a lugat created?
It is told, that if you cry too much for the dead, he or she will wake up as a lugat, and he or she will eat you.
If you talk bad about the dead, this person will wake up, and he or she will eat you.
If this person has done something wrong in his or her life, the grave can't hold him or her.
There are a lot of everyday quotes regarding the lugat:
You eat like a lugat (You are filthy, and disgusting when you eat, and you are always hungry)
You sweat like a lugat (again, you are disgusting) 
Your nails are just like the lugat's (your nails are too long, just like the lugat's)
And then there is the curse "I hope you wake up as a lugat" , which means "I hope you die!"

Well, this was it! I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Quote:
    "Lugat is the Albanian vampire, or the dead (usually vampires are called the undead, but in Albanian they are called the dead)".
    This is quite unique, isn't it?

    I enjoyed the quotes - very colourful, so to speak ;D. And the drawing...again, well done!

    Also...I feel proud about giving you the idea for the title :)).
    I suppose the difference between the Weird Legends and Creature Feature type of post is that the first one is supposed to be humorous, while the latter is more serious?

    Enjoy Italy my dear, even if it's raining (you poor lamb, what an awful morning you had! You surely earned your cappuccino). How long are you staying?

    1. Hi!!! Yep, I surely deserved the cappuccino, and the ones after that, haha. Actually, you are right! Weird Legends is easier to write. I find the legends and creatures online. The Creature Feature is different. I find the legends, interviewing locals. It is much more difficult. I am surely enjoying Italy. I am staying for a couple of weeks. Thanks for your awesome comments :D


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