16 July 2014

In Search of Monster #3: The Long-necked woman

If you have been around here for a while, you may know that I love mythological creatures. Actually, I spend my free time scrolling through Internet sites looking for bizarre, unknown, and unique creatures. Japan seems to have a demon for every occasion, so you should know by now that I absolutely adore Japanese creatures.  They are not the usual creatures you have heard of. Some of them are frightening, and scary, while some others are just weird (but that is okay, because hey we are all a bunch of weirdos)
This new creature I will be talking about is the long necked woman, or rokurokubi . Rokurokubi is part of the yōkai group (monsters in the Japanese folklore)
Now before you get confused, I have to explain to you that there are two types, the one who stretches neck during night, and the one whose head flies around detached from the body (the most dangerous). They are said to have the appearance of a very beautiful, normal lady, but during night their neck stretches, and their head goes finding humans to eat.
Actually, I don’t think of them as evil creatures. They just love to scare humans. Seeing it this way, I love to scare humans too, except I spare you the long neck thing. A lot of Japanese creatures aren’t really evil, probably just playful, or mischievous. When I will put them in my books, I’m sure they won’t be the evil guys.
The way to kill the long-necked woman is by hiding, or killing their body, while their head isn’t there.
I hope you enjoyed this creature.
This is an example of what would happen, if I ever met her. I don’t even seem frightened, haha!

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Haha, I love the vignette! You look so bored - like "Oh, yawn, another stupid monster trying to scare me. I so tire of this game". [Remember Sita saying so? ;)].
    Also...I personally can't draw. Sigh. *envy*

    "Seeing it this way, I love to scare humans too, except I spare you the long neck thing."

    The flying head is so interesting. How come Sam and Dean have never met one? They even came across some mythological gods, so I don't think a Japanese monster would be so unusual...

    1. Yes, I do remember Sita saying so :) Aren't we the same? And nothing is unusual for Sam and Dean!!!!


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