21 August 2014

In Search of Monsters #4: The Vampiric Tree Jubokko

Hello Bookworms
Lately, I have been so into Japanese mythology (and also Chinese) I realized I love this mythology so much, when I noticed I have papers of handwritten Japanese creatures all over my room. I even sorted them according to the alphabet. 

For me, these creatures are amazing, maybe a bit bizarre, but I love them. 
Today I am going to talk about one of  my favorite vampires : Jubokko, the vampiric tree.
Basically this tree appears in battlefields, and it feeds on human blood. When a human passes by, Jubokko captures the victim, and his branches transform into a sort of tube, that sucks the blood of the human. Quite disturbing, I may say. 

It is said that if you cut the tree, blood will trickle out. According to Wikipedia, Jubokko is a youkai tree, but in the GeGeGe no Kitaro manga series, the author Mizuki invented several youkai creatures, and Jubokko may be one of them. (that means this creature may not be an original yokai creature)


  1. Haha! I love your legend...and your vignette even more. As usual. Let's be blunt...you have no right to be so talented while I can't even draw a smiley. Of course, you are amazingly funny too. I protest. *raises eyebrows menacingly*
    A vampire tree - this is REALLY unique. And here I thought trees were harmless creatures that feed on water and mineral salts.

    1. *blushes* Aww... stop it you!!!
      Well, at least you have me to prove you wrong about the trees. Think twice Roberta! Pensaci bene!

    2. I'll never look at a tree anymore the same way I used to O_O.


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