19 December 2014

In Search of Monsters #6 : Are Aliens Cute?

Hello bookworms,
How have you been doing these fine days? I was sick with flu; therefore I was stuck at home, doing basically nothing at all. :(
Anyways let's get straight to our topic . In my last “In Search of Monsters”, I mentioned that the “aliens” are pretty cute. Roberta (OffbeatYA) suggested  to talk about these creatures in my next episode. So here you go! 
I am quite sure, that everyone knows the "alien", from “The Alien” movies (duh!) In this episode of "In Search of Monsters", we are going to talk about the creatures featured in these movies.
Not all of these creatures are what I like. I prefer the "dog aliens", the four legged ones, because they are cute. Well, not having the movie plot in my mind, and not having to witness how they kill, I think they are pretty darn cute, aren't they? Imagine if you had a pet like that. Imagine if that scary creature would be just a harmless pet! Wouldn't it be cool? This creature would scare away anyone, who dares to approach you. And they could kill anyone, whom is considered a danger to you. Like for example…
Walking all alone in a dark empty street? No problemo, I got my pet to protect me! 
Thieves just broke into my house? Puh-lease, I am not scared. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.
 Someone drank the cappuccino I ordered for myself? Get ready to die!
 (Ok, I was a bit overreacting there. I mean who would kill the thieves, just because they broke into your house? About the cappuccino thing, I am serious.)

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Hehe. And you are feeding him (...her?...it?)...what, exactly? ;)


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