29 January 2015

In Search of Monsters #10 The Face Powder Hag? Oshirobaba

the face powder hag, japanese legend
Hello Bookworms,
Today we are going to talk about Oshirobaba. Now, here’s the thing, there exist a lot of legends about Oshirobaba. Firstly she is seen as the servant of "Goddess of Cosmetics". She is supposed to go around, tricking young girls in trying her face powder.
When they try it, they experience a horrible burning sensation. Their skin starts peeling and their flesh starts to rot and fall from their faces, only their skulls remaining. Oshiroibaba steals the flesh and uses it for God-knows-what.
But she is also considered to be a good lady, whom helped the monks. She fed them with a bucket of rice, the bucket being filled again after she washed the rice.
Anyways for today’s topic, we are going to talk about the face powder hag, just for the sake of “In Search of Monsters”

Anila in her imaginary trip to Japan:
Oshirobaba: Hello young lady! What are you doing here?
Anila: Hi grandma! Have you in case seen any yokai around here?
Oshirobaba: No, they don't live here. But why don’t you try my powder. It is high quality.
Anila: No, thanks.
Oshirobaba: No, but try it!
Anila: Seriously, which cosmetic company hired you?
Oshirobaba: You skin doesn’t seem that nice.
Anila: Heyy!!!

But needless to say, I don’t think I am in danger if she appears in front of me. Though, if she would say “Do you want to read my book?”, then my face would have fallen off long time ago.

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. What a rude monster, telling a young lady that her skin doesn't look that nice. *snorts*


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