17 November 2014

Il Diritto Di Vivere, and 18th Birthday

This day, 18 year ago, something really special happened, maybe not that special for the world, but for my family. I was born on 17th November 1996.
Today is my birthday, and truth being told I do not feel 18 years old. Life has tried to destroy me so many times, therefore I  feel like 81 years old with everything I had to fight.
But I am still here, I am alive, I am still fighting. I may not be like everyone else, because cancer left a deep scar on me, but I am myself, the best version I could ever be.
During these years I have understood that life isn’t easy, but it is worth it. I have understood that it is okay to cry, because that’s what makes us strong. As long as we get up again, ready to fight, we are strong and powerful.
Thank You for supporting me! Today I have the pleasure to announce my newest book, “Il Diritto Di Vivere”. I feel proud of myself, because not only I defeated such a deadly disease, but I managed to create something good from it, my book.
Here I am, only 18 years old, but with so many scars from my past, though I am proud of them. I am happy I survived. I am happy I managed to celebrate my 18th birthday. If it wasn’t for my doctor, I wouldn’t have that chance.

I am grateful, because I am living, and that’s what matters.

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Happy birthday sweetheart! {{{sends hugs}}} And congrats, not only on your book, but (most especially) for being the great warrior that you are, and for having blossomed into a remarkable young woman. I don't know you IRL, only from your blog, but I'm pretty sure you are :).

    "I am myself, the best version I could ever be."

    Love the quote!

    1. Thank You so much Roberta! And also thank you for helping me with the book (You have to send me your address with an email, because I have to send you a copy of the book :)
      Thank you for supporting me! Hugs!


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