20 January 2015

January's Guide To Reading

 Here’s to an amazing year! Now let’s get to our Guide To Reading:
January is all about starting fresh, starting new, new possibilities, new dreams, plans and goals. What kind of reading is suited for us?

Reading Challenge:
Usually during January we are very determined to accomplish our goals. That is why this month should be inspiring, this way we know there is going to be an awesome year ahead.
Every January we set a number of books we want to read during the whole year. This is the perfect time to start piling a list of your TBR list for this year. A little organization never hurt anyone. Therefore write a list of authors you want to try, books you want to read, genres you want to give a chance to. Imagine this year just like a blank page. Don’t you want to make it the best of it?

You can choose between two categories:
  1. Reading new books from unknown authors. Go with this if you want to have a really fresh start. Finding out new things, exploring new genres, giving a chance to new authors.
  2. You can go with the old fashioned way. Read from your favorite authors, read your all time favorite books. You want to be inspired, and the best way to be inspired is reading.

Tea, anyone?
While reading (or studying, or sleeping, or breathing), I always make sure to have a cup of tea within my reach. Green tea is one of my favorites, and so is Peppermint. Lately I have been buying tea leaves. The flavor is natural, and extremely delicious. I drink tea with no sugar, nor honey. When I go out, I always order cappuccino (duh!!!)

My darlings, make sure you work hard! This is a new year! Let go of the past, and dive in the future. Don’t forget to dedicate some time to yourself. You are important too! Make sure you read as much as you can. If things aren’t going fine, there are always our books, right? But don’t worry, trust me when I say everything will be resolved.

The weather is quite chilly, that’s why don’t forget to take care of yourself. Wear warm clothes, and drink lots of hot beverages! Have an awesome year!

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!

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