11 April 2015

Haunted by Heather Beck Review

*This book was given to me, in exchange of an honest review.

Title: Haunted (The Horror Diaries #1-5)
Author: Heather Beck 
Description: When darkness falls and the air turns cold, ghosts come out to play. Heather Beck presents Haunted, an anthology of ghostly encounters and paranormal events. *Haunted contains The Horror Diaries Volumes 1-5.
Ghost Park
After discovering a mysterious playground in the woods, Chase is stalked by angry ghost children.
A Haunting Past
Truce’s class trip to an old native reserve turns deadly when Bear, an infamous chief who died two hundred years ago, blames him for the tribe’s extinction.
The Manor On The Rocks
Grey, damp and surrounded by jagged rocks, Calla Lily’s new home isn’t only unpleasant, it’s also haunted by the world’s most evil boy.
A Medieval Nightmare
When Ellie and Brandon get trapped in a medieval museum that’s a bit too real, they fall under a spell and become pivotal players in a ghostly regime.
A Watery Grave
A camping trip becomes a heart-pounding race for survival when Justine meets a ghost who’s determined to change her fate by trading bodies with a living entity.

While reading the book: 
This was an interesting light horror read. It wasn’t that bone-chilling, or extremely scary, but it was quite interesting. The stories started getting creepier, and honestly I don’t know if that was what the author intended. The book starts with a not-so-scary story, but as the stories go on, I see some rising of the creepy factor. If this book was read by a normal reader, he would have found it incredibly scary, but for a horror lover not so much. I actually enjoyed the last story.

The extra element:  
All these stories included ghosts, and even though some parts were the usual cliché scenarios (only some parts), overall I enjoyed reading about the legends. The legends included different cultures and time periods, making the stories differ from each-other. In the first story the ghost children can't handle sunlight, because their skin will be burnt. (Do I sense some vampires here?)

What I didn’t like: 
I feel like the stories had potential. If only some cliché parts were removed, and some interesting plot twists were described better, I think that the stories could have been much creepier. It is a shame, because I really liked the stories, the legends, and the uniqueness of the ghosts, but sometimes the writing style made it less scary.

Recommended To:  
 I think that this would be a perfect book for readers, who want to enter the dark side (those who want to start reading horror). If you are transitioning into the horror genre, I would recommend this book.



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  1. I haven't read many scary books. I am a little bit skeptical that they will be as bad as most horror movies, I guess. Still, I loved the cover of this one! :D And I don't want to discriminate on genres, so soon I will have to find a nice thriller or horror book to read :)

    Cucie @ Cucie reads

    1. I think you should start with something light, and then raise the dose of horror. Actually, if you want to dive into the horror world, you can start with the classics.


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