09 April 2015

In Search Of Monsters #13: Vampires VS Ghouls

Hello bookworms
How have you been doing? For this “In Search of Monsters” I decided to talk a bit about ghouls. Now, I am not a ghoul expert, just like for example I am a vampire expert, but I did see all the episodes of “Tokyo Ghoul”, I did read the manga, and also I did my research on ghouls. So, here we go.
Firstly, people tend to confuse vampires with ghouls, and vice versa. Both of these creatures look somewhat human, they feed on human flesh, and they do have extraordinary hearing, smelling, fast reflexes, and stuff.
Well, not really! Vampires do not eat human flesh, they just drink human blood. The victim of a vampire usually turns into a vampire, unless he is burned, or his head is cut off and filled with garlic (What Van Helsing did to Lucy, not to let her Dracula control her anymore, and save her soul.) Ghouls just eat human flesh, they are carnivores.  Their victims die, they don’t transform into ghouls.
Vampires are dead people, whether they are bitten by other vampires, risen from their grave because of their sins, or maybe their soul is transformed in lugat, when the death rituals aren’t respected (Albanian Legends). Ghouls aren’t particly dead people, they are just monsters. Vampires used to be human at some extent, while ghouls no. They are born this way.
Basically let’s say that vampires are sophisticated creatures, while ghouls are all about violence. Vampires are immortal, and they don’t age, while ghouls do age.

If you try to kill a vampire, you might need special weapons, you know, you can’t just run them in your knife. When you stab a ghoul, your knife will pierce through his flesh, but still it will heal itself. If you want to kill a ghoul, you have to stab him several times, until he can't heal anymore

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  1. So I can't kill a ghoul if I meet one? Or you're saving this part of the story for later, you heartless creature?


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