13 April 2015

If Dracula was my BFF Part 3

Hello bookworms
What are you up to? Happy Monday! *evil laugh* Ok, ok, let's continue with our post.

Monday morning, 5:00 AM

Anila is reading, while happily drinking her cappuccino. Her best friend Dracula decided to pay her a visit, before going to his coffin.

Dracula: What do you think you are doing? You better have an explanation for this!
Anila: Good morning to you too!
Dracula: Do not tell me good morning! I have to go to sleep, but before I do, I want you to explain me this.
*shows Anila her review of “’Salem’s Lot”*
Anila: Explain you what? That is my review.
Dracula: Your review? What are these words about Kurt? He is so frightening? Who is you best friend then? Kurt Barlow? I hate him. He wants to be like me. What a cheap imitation of a great vampire lord.
Anila: Stop acting like a child, ok? He is quite frightening.
Dracula: I don’t know you anymore.
Anila: Come on! Look at him. He is bone chilling.
Dracula: I am seriously reconsidering our friendship.
Anila: When will you get over the fact that Vampira chose him instead of you?
Dracula: Why are we friends anyways?
Anila: Because we hate everyone.
Dracula: You're right.

Creatures mentioned here:
The vampire lord Kurt Barlow from Stephen King’s “’Salem’s Lot”
Vampira – character created by Maila Nurmi
By the way, here’s my review of “’Salem’s Lot” ;)

Have a great day!
Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Quote:
    "Dracula: I am seriously reconsidering our friendship."
    LOL. Poor Drak...you don't pay enough attention to his feelings!

    "Dracula: Why are we friends anyways?
    Anila: Because we hate everyone."
    Naaah...like Queen would say, "You don't fool me"... ;)

    What is I'm seeing, anyway? A blog makeover? Nice, but where's that masterpiece of a header that only you can deliver? :)

  2. Well, we hate almost everyone. Just kidding! Haha! I am working on my "masterpiece" actually. Grazie :)

    1. I'm glad for the "almost", because you obviously don't mean me then ;).
      Can't wait for the new header!


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